Bio-IT World

May 23-25, 2017

Seaport World Trade Center, Boston, MA, USA

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Addressing the Unique Challenges of Analytical Data Management in the Modern R&D EnvironmentG.A. McGibbon, S.K. BhalView Poster

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Wednesday, May 24th, 2:55 PM
Track: Software Applications & Services

Key Software Interconnections between Data Sources and Decision Makers
Graham A. McGibbon

Abstract: Reliable foresight depends upon knowledge, which supposes coherent assembly and presentation of information. People attempting to assess the value and risk of particular work products need software applications and interfaces that allow communication between discrete data sources because evaluations are often of comprehensive material characterization. Software can construct layers of data with interpreted meaning aiding determination of suitability for use.


Addressing the Unique Challenges of Analytical Data Management in the Modern R&D Environment
Graham A. McGibbon, Sanjivanjit K. Bhal

Abstract: Effective analytical data management brings unique challenges that are not easily addressed by the majority of scientific informatics technologies commonly in use in R&D (ELN, LIMS, CDS, Raw data archives, etc.). The large variety of analytical data generated through a product's R&D lifecycle is driving a growing acceptance of the need for the homogenization of spectroscopic and chromatographic data. Furthermore, while data abstraction—a result of digitization of analytical data to text, numbers, and images—serves a purpose, it also brings limitations since important details, knowledge, and contextual information can be lost.