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Webinar Series: Smarter Method Development

Webinar II: 5 Ways Method Simulation Software Will Help you Save Time, Energy, and Resources

February 14, 2017

I am interested in learning more about ACD/Labs' software for method development

Whether you start a new method development project from scratch or with a set of standard methods do you ever wonder if you are making the best use of your expertise and resources?

Join us to see how method simulation software can help speed up routine method development giving you time to concentrate on more difficult and stimulating projects.

This is Webinar 2 of 3 in our Smarter Method Development Webinar Series. Read more about all webinars here.

Learning Objectives

How to improve method optimization efficiency with modelling software:

  • Investigate the impact of different parameters (temperature, gradient, buffer concentration, etc.) on a separation by extrapolating upon your experimental data
  • Model linear methods
  • Create your own linear and non-linear models for better retention time prediction
  • Reduce the monotony of peak tracking
  • Model separations designed and executed on any instrument

Intended Audience

  • Experienced chromatographers
  • General analytical scientists
  • Analysts with minimal resources to aid separations
  • Scientists with a keen interest in chromatography

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