SmartLab Europe

February 1-2, 2018

Hotel Palace Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Meet ACD/Labs Staff

Hans de Bie, Senior Director, Solution Delivery

Gabriela Cimpan, Senior Director Sales, Europe

Presentation Schedule

Enabling Informatics for Analytical Data Management in R&D
Hans de Bie
Friday, Feb. 2nd, 15:25–15:55

Abstract: Analytical data is at the heart of pharmaceutical research and development efforts and often required in response to critical questions raised in regulatory filings, or when there is an irregularity in manufacturing. Many organizations, however, continue to struggle with the variety of different formats, instrument vendors, and search and retrieval of analytical data. Cloud computing, automation, data integrity, and externalization are key topics for organizations looking for new ways to integrate analytical systems into their core informatics stack. In this presentation we will discuss the fundamental underpinnings of automated data capture, data exchange formats, data integrity, and next generation analytical data management systems.