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Table 5 Suffixes and prefixes for some important characteristic groups in substitutive nomenclature

In alphabetical order

Class Formula Prefix Suffix
Acid halides halocarbonyl- -carbonyl halide
--- -oyl halide
Alcoholates, Phenolates oxido- -olate
Alcohols, Phenols hydroxy- -ol
Aldehydes formyl- -carbaldehyde
oxo- -al
Amides carbamoyl- -carboxamide
--- -amide
Amidines carbamimidoyl- -carboximidamide
--- -imidamide
Amines amino- -amine
Carboxylates carboxylato- -carboxylate
--- -oate
Carboxylic acids carboxy- -carboxylic acid
--- -oic acid
Ethers (R)-oxy- ---
Esters (of carboxylic acids) (R)-oxycarbonyl- (R)...carboxylate
--- (R)...oate
Hydroperoxides hydroperoxy- ---
Imines imino- -imine
(R)-imino- ---
Ketones oxo- -one
Nitriles cyano- -carbonitrile
--- -nitrile
Peroxides (R)-peroxy- ---
Salts (of carboxylic acids) --- (cation) ...carboxylate
--- (cation) ...oate
Sulfides (R)-sulfanyl- ---
Sulfonates sulfonato- -sulfonate
Sulfonic acid sulfo- -sulfonic acid
Thiolates sulfido- -thiolate
Thiols Sulfanyl- -thiol

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