Analytical Data Processing and Chemical Characterization for Chemists with ACD/Spectrus Processor

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Tools and Functionality for Mass Spectrometry and Hyphenated MS Techniques

ACD/Spectrus Processor is a multi-technique analytical data processing and interpretation application that provides a number of capabilities specific to those working with mass spectrometry techniques (LC/UV/MS, GC/MS). Spectrus Processor provides a single common interface to process and interpret MS data, UV data, and data from any other associated detectors.

Processing & Interpretation

  • Support for most instrument vendor formats, including AB SCIEX, Agilent, Bruker, LECO, PerkinElmer, Shimadzu, Thermo, Waters, and more (view the full list of supported data formats below)
  • Automate routine steps of analysis by selecting pre-processing upon data import
  • Automatically confirm mass or molecular formula by the correspondence of mass spectral peaks
  • Add a structure, formula, or mass to the Table of Components to automatically extract a relevant mass chromatogram
  • Search peaks or a spectrum against a spectral library for fast compound identification

Assisted Chemical Structure Confirmation

Add a structure, an elemental composition, or a mass into the Table of Components to automatically extract a relevant mass chromatogram, or assign a peak to generate a mass spectrum. Color-coded MS match categories (Excellent, Good, & Poor) indicate the consistency of monoisotopic and isotope peaks with the experimental data, helping to confirm compound structures.

Spectral Library Searching

The ability to search and view processed and interpreted analytical data through Spectrus Processor extends knowledge-sharing to the desktop of every scientist. Not only can you search commercial databases but also those created in-house. Processing and interpretation tools allow analytical data created and stored by colleagues to be re-examined, to help answer new questions. Learn more Learn more about ACD/Spectrus Processor knowledge management

Expand the compound identification capabilities of Spectrus Processor with 3rd party spectral libraries compatible with ACD/Labs software. ACD/Labs MS Databases

LC/UV/MS Processing in Open-Access Laboratories

In open-access, or walk-up, environments, Spectrus Processor can combine "live" data processing with open-access report viewing for more confident compound confirmation. Learn more LC/UV/MS Processing in Open-Access Laboratories

Supported File Formats for ACD/Spectrus ProcessorSupported File Formats

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