Analytical Data Processing and Chemical Characterization for Chemists with ACD/Spectrus Processor

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Tools and Functionality for Optical Spectroscopy Techniques

ACD/Spectrus Processor is a multi-technique analytical data processing and interpretation application that provides a number of capabilities specific to those working with Raman; near, far, and mid-IR; UV-Vis; and other optical techniques.

Processing & Interpretation

  • Process and interpret data from a variety of optical techniques including:
    • Absorption
    • Reflectance
    • Fluorescence
    • Phosphorescence spectra
    • Circular dichroism (CD)
    • Spectroscopic ellipsometry
  • Automate repetitious processing tasks with macro commands which can be applied to a spectral series as well as to a single spectrum
  • Attach chemical structures to analytical spectra; and assign peaks to chemical structural fragments, or directly to entries in the knowledgebase when a structure is not available

Structure Verification

Verify chemical structures with experimental IR or Raman spectra using the knowlegebase of spectra-structure correlations.

Spectral Library Searching

Spectrus Processor provides powerful search and view access to analytical databases. Records are searchable by a variety of structural, spectral and text-based parameters, and search results are overlaid on the query spectrum with color highlighting of matching signals for easy interpretation. For in-house databases, Spectrus Processor offers corporate knowledge-sharing by extending these capabilities with the ability to re-process and re-interpret the data to help answer new questions. Learn more

A number of content databases are included with Spectrus Processor, allowing you to test the database searching and viewing capabilities:

Database Spectra
IR Assigned Polymers.nd9 87 spectra with partial spectrum-structure assignments
IRDEMO.nd9 14 spectra with partial spectrum-structure assignments
ST Japan IR Demo library
100 spectra (82 with structures)
Raman Assigned Amino Acids.nd9 27 spectra (approx. 1700 cm-1 to 80 cm-1) with partial spectrum-structure assignments (21 with structures)

See the full listing of Infrared and Raman reference spectra databases from ACD/Labs. ACD/Labs IR & Raman Databases

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