ACD/Metabolite ID Suite

A package of software modules that facilitate metabolism studies.

ACD/Metabolite ID Suite contains tools for faster computer-assisted data analysis and extraction of metabolites, efficient data management, and effective reporting, while establishing a connection between chemical structure and chemical data that enhances your understanding of the overall process. ACD/Labs software is vendor-neutral, enabling data from major instrument vendors to be processed and stored in a unified format.


  • Advanced data processing for chromatographic, IR, Raman, and MS data including deconvolution with ACD/IntelliXtract
  • Automatic assignment of ions and fragments to spectral peaks
  • Map fragmentation pathways in seconds
  • Create biotransformation maps of metabolites
  • Store metabolite structures and analytical data in a fully searchable database


  • Unify chemical and analytical knowledge in a single platform
  • Miss fewer trace metabolite components
  • Save time interpreting the fragmentation of proposed structures
  • Leverage prior knowledge by searching databases of analytical and chemical data
  • Produce better quality reports with less tedium & effort