What's New in ACD/LC Simulator

Version 2017.1

Biotools now available for creating sequences using one or three letter codes
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Biotools now available for creating sequences using one or three letter codes

Enhanced capabilities for handling biomolecules

  • Support for standard one-letter and three-letter peptide sequence codes
  • Manage peptide and amino acid nomenclature
  • Easily switch between single and three letter notation, and full structure of amino acids

Data Import/Export

  • Support of FASTA and HELM file formats for biomolecules
  • We continue to improve and support all major instrument vendor data formats. This version includes enhancements to the following:
    • Shimadzu LC-IT-TOF; Waters MassLynx MSE, Empower (and UNIFI); Samsung GC-MS data; Bruker Compass; Thermo Xcalibur; SCIEX Analyst and Triple TOF; JEOL K9; and netCDF
    • Full support of new Bruker TopSpin 4.0 and Avance Neo data format
    • Improved support for JEOL standard, JEOL NUS and benchtop (Magritek, Nanalysis) datasets
    • Ability to export spectra series data in ASCII format
    • Improved support for MSE/All Ions Fragmentation acquisition

Technique-Specific Processing & Analysis


  • Select an area of a chromatogram for processing and analysis to ignore early and late eluting artifacts Click to expand


  • Sequential reaction schemes (drawn in several lines in ChemSketch) may be combined to an overall scheme in a record (redundant reaction arrows in multi-line schemes are recognized and omitted)
  • Sort values, specific to the root-level structure, in Table view mode


  • Retention of atom numbering when a structure is duplicated
  • Modify atom numbering in a duplicated structure
  • Display data from a user table into individual boxes in user-defined screen forms
  • Define the number of decimal places and the scientific format for numeric data in the ‘Edit Column Settings’ dialog box


  • Added the ability to reorder columns in the Table Options dialog box

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