Automation Server—Co-ordinate the Flow of Analytical Data

Automation Server is configured by our professional services team to build systems for:

  • Analytical data collection, storage, and reporting
  • Recognizing instrument and data types
  • Executing a series of predefined tasks through integration with ACD/Spectrus Processor and ACD/Labs Spectrus Workbooks

Data processed through Automation Server can be reported and stored in a central knowledgebase, which can then be searched and viewed to produce additional reports. A range of options are available to view, manipulate, and report data via other ACD/Labs desktop or web-based tools.

This component helps us match your specific needs and offers customization to make your workflows more efficient and productive through:

  • Extensive instrumentation type and raw data compatibility
  • File handling capabilities to move, copy, delete, import, export, rename, and more
  • A custom scripting and application development interface
  • Automated generation of reports and population of databases