What's New in ACD/Web Librarian

Version 12 to Version 2014

With the release of v2014, Web Librarian has been migrated to the ACD/Spectrus Platform. A number of significant changes have been realized in the development of this application over the last two years based on the evolution of the product to our current technologies and specific customer requests.

Platform Support

  • Supported on Internet Explorer version 11
  • Support for install on Windows 2008/2012 Server
  • Web Librarian server installation is now fully automated on IIS7 servers
  • Support for multi-threading environment


  • Support for local Spectrus DB database (*.cfd + *.cf_spec)
  • Support for default and custom screen forms in ChemFolder/ChemFolder Enterprise and SpecDB databases
  • Allow searching within schema
  • A number of objects are now available including: Database Filter Tree View/Plates Control /Note Control/Spectrum Mol User Data control/Spectrum Molecule control/ pictures in user tables/ftp links
  • View DSC and TGA tables
  • Improvements to password encoding
  • Decreased memory usage per single user session


  • Support for Spectrum Similarity Search with Spectrus DB database
  • Capability for an administrator to limit the number of query fields available to users
  • Easy password entry on a multiple database search
  • Support for popup forms
  • Search by Mass Peaks option
  • Interactively set spectral ranges for searching.
  • Create X-Y plots for search results from merged databases


  • Support of scripted events on screen forms
  • Support of scripts on screen form buttons and controls

General Ease of Use Improvements

  • Support for tab sheet controls on screen and popup forms
  • Support for splitters on screen forms
  • Change columns width and row height on tables controls
  • Improved handling of hyphenated datasets and associated structures/schema
  • Export spectra in GIF format and define image size
  • Export spectra in vector graphic format
  • Create reports by template