What's New in Spectrus DB

New Release: Version 2016.1

Client Side


  • Improved visualization of series
    • Choose to view peak areas for either selected, or all chromatograms in a series
  • View error bars on graph plots Click to expand
  • What's New in Spectrus DB. New Release: Version 2016.1
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    Display all spectra and chromatograms from a record in overlay mode
  • The selected spectrum table remains selected when navigating between spectra and/or records.
  • Display all spectra and chromatograms from a record in overlay mode
  • Display spectra and chromatogram chemical structures in Tile mode using custom or default screen forms.
  • Pictures from tables and documents in linked records can be displayed using Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) control.

Ease of Use

  • Notes from the record root level can remain displayed while selecting different structures Click to expand
  • Options to Expand record tree by levels, and show spectra names in record tree control context menu.


  • Search data in tables (table of peaks, multiplets, annotations, etc.) Click to expand


  • Create templated reports for either the selected record component, or the whole database record.
  • New template objects and options for reporting data of record root, Spectrus project (NMR and LC/MS/Metabolites), sample and parent components of a record.


  • New export format for biotransformation schema, "SDFiles with structures from BTMap" Click to expand
  • Export chemical structures to Percepta Click to expand

Screen Form Editor

  • Scroolbars added for large form-editing windows
  • Define controls for record root, Spectrus project, and sample components in popup form controls Click to expand
  • Manage record tree nodes by embedding scripts into screen forms
    By attaching a script to the record tree control, it will run when a user clicks on the tree node. It is possible to enumerate nodes of control, hide/show, expand/collapse any node, change auto labeling options, switch on/off nodes with details through the script.
  • Utilize *MOLECULE control within popup forms, with a variety of context-based options Click to expand

Server Side

  • Option to log any/all changes to database objects for audit trail purposes Click to expand
  • Option to enforce/require comments for any object/information changes
    May be switched on separately for each remote DB project.  Supported in scripting
  • Utilize LDAP authentication to show extra LDAP attributes, and enable custom authentication Click to expand

Click to expandSoftware Update: Version 2015, Pack 2

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