What's New in Spectrus DB

Version 2017.1

Client side


  • NMR record sets are labelled by 2D technique in the Record Tree subwindow
  • Support for standard one-letter and three-letter peptide sequence codes
  • Specify table row height in tables (through the 'Setup Table' dialog box)
  • Improved support for high resolution program icons on 4K monitors


  • Sequential reaction schemes (drawn in several lines in ChemSketch) may be combined to an overall scheme in a record
    • Redundant reaction arrows in multi-line schemes are recognized correctly
  • The 'SDfile Field with Record ID' field is available in the Export/Import dialog box
  • The term 'project' is replaced with 'record set' for remote Spectrus DB databases
  • Sort values, specific to the root-level structure, in Table view mode


  • Improved NMR spectral search options—support for 'Approximate Mode' and 'Search Empty Regions' from the Processor window

Screen and dialog forms

  • Display data from a user table into individual boxes in user-defined screen forms
  • Define the number of decimal places and the scientific format for numeric data in the 'Edit Column Settings' dialog box

Server side

  • Capability to implement more than one LDAP server
  • Addition of the 'Roles' panel to the Console

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