ACD/Labs NMR Application Notes

Application Note Download Date
Identification of Individual Components Present in a Sample Mixture by 1H NMR and ACD/NMR Workbook Suite Download 2016-06-02
Complex Mixture Analysis by NMR Spectroscopic Targeted Profiling Download 2016-01-28
The Case for CASE - Saving Time and Effort with Computer-Assisted Structure Elucidation in Routine Analysis Download 2014-08-12
A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Impurity Identification, Elucidation, and Characterization Download 2013-11-25
Verifying Structural Hypotheses:Finding Alternative Candidates from Elucidations Download 2010-01-01
Dereplication of Natural Products by NMR: A Three-Stage Approach Download 2016-02-29