Frequently Asked Questions

Waters Empower2 Software

Q: To connect to Waters® Empower™ 3 software from ACD/Spectrus Processor, how does the software need to be installed?

A: Both of the Client portions of Spectrus Processor and Empower must be installed on the same computer.

Q: We have an Empower client/server installation; do we need to have Empower installed on every PC, or only have access to the Empower server?

A: The Client portion of Empower needs to be installed on every PC.

Q: ACD/Spectrus Processor reads files from the Empower Results tab; can it also read Channels?

A: No, ACD/Spectrus Processor can ONLY import data from the Results tab.

Q: What are the step-by-step instructions on how to connect to Empower and import data into ACD/Spectrus Processor?

A: Here are the simple steps to follow:

  1. Open Spectrus Processor, and from the File menu, choose Connect To.
  2. In the Connect to External Application dialog box, select Waters Empower and provide the login information as required.
  3. When the Project dataset has been loaded, you will get a number of data columns.
  4. Click the Results tab. You can go straight to the results or you may want to filter the results list. On the Sample Sets tab, highlight the desired sample set. Right-click and choose the View as/Results commands. The list will now be filtered by the results associated with this specific sample set.
  5. Highlight the desired result line and switch back to the Spectrus Processor window.
  6. In the Import from Empower Database dialog box that appears, click the Chromatogram radio button if you selected single wavelength chromatogram line in the Results tab and then click Import. If you selected PDA data line in the Results tab, in the Import from Empower dialog select LC/UV/MS radio button and then click Import.
  7. In the Multiple Result Import dialog box you can specify Single Chromatogram or Chromatograms in Range. Chromatograms in Range will show your results in a series.

Q: My Empower is installed via Citrix®. How can I get my data from Empower to ACD/Spectrus Processor?

A: Due to the nature of a Citrix installation, the Connect To feature will not work with Citrix. There are, however, a few workarounds:

  • Export your Empower data via netCDF (AIA format) or ASCII text. This file format will allow you to import the chromatogram, but not the user parameters. Parameters can be added later.
  • Back up the entire Empower project and send it to ACD/Labs’ technical support team. You will get all your data in esp format.

Note: While there are successful Citrix installations of ACD/Labs Software, these are unsupported at this time.

Q: I have processed my data in Empower, but the data sent to the Spectrus Processor processor was not processed. Why is that?

A: Due to the limitations of the Empower Toolkit (the engine of the Connect To feature), not all of the sample processing is available for export. However, processing can be duplicated in the Spectrus Processor processor, and executed automatically via macros in most cases.

Q: Can ACD/Labs software read channels from the Empower results table? In this case, how will a multi wavelength channel be read?

A: The Client part of Empower must be installed on every PC.

Working with Empower, the work is done with the Results tab only. Although the raw data are in the Channels tab, the Results tab works as a link between Empower and Spectrus Processor.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open Spectrus Processor and connect to Empower.
  2. Specify the Project.
  3. Select the line in the Results tab, go back to Spectrus Processor window and in the Import from Empower dialog choose Chromatograms option and click Import.
  4. In the Multiple Result Import dialog box, specify either Single Chromatogram or Chromatograms in Range. If Chromatograms in Range is selected, then the data will show as a series.