ACD/Labs' Electronic Notebook for Academia

ACD/Labs Electronic Notebook for Academia

Replace paper-based project case-books/lab notebooks with a searchable repository of experimental knowledge that stores live, interpreted analytical data that can be reviewed and re-analyzed at the desktop.

A ubiquitous problem in any area of research is access to data when you need it. Managing the mountains of data accumulated by research groups, and retaining the knowledge gained from experiments for those that follow is a significant challenge, especially in academic environments where researchers are often transient.

With ACD/Labs' Electronic Notebook for Academia, researchers can:

  • Document experiments, reactions, chemical schema, literature references and other data in a searchable repository of intelligence
  • Handle pre-processed or raw analytical information from a variety of instruments in a unified environment. Spectral/spectrometric interpretations are captured with related structures providing context for future reference, and electronic data ready for insertion into a thesis/publication—no more scanning paper.
  • Search and access live legacy information that can be re-examined, re-processed or re-interpreted in the future.
  • Prepare students for today's workplace, where electronic record-keeping is ubiquitous
Summary version of ELN Student Notebook movie
Full version of ELN Student Notebook movie

A unified repository of analytical intelligence

Take advantage of a homogeneous environment to store, search, and re-use both analytical data and experimental information from disparate instruments and laboratories. Live analytical information is intelligently connected with chemical structures. Data interpretation and annotations are saved in the knowledgebase, along with the capability to embed Microsoft Excel and Word documents.

Live data offers instant re-use/reapplication of the information since it is easy to re-interpret and interrogate the data for new answers. This technology is invaluable in academic research labs where personnel turnover is common – both the experimental data and the knowledge gained is stored together for future use.

All-in-one, multi-technique, multi-vendor data processing and interpretation

Multi-technique analytical data processing and interpretation provides capabilities for the full range of spectroscopic techniques: from HPLC and GC to LC/GC/UV/MS, GCMS, LCMS, IR, UV, NMR, TGA, DSC, XRPD, EELS, and other techniques. The software includes ACD/ChemSketch for chemical structure drawing and editing, and offers assistance with routine chemical structure confirmation. Data from most major instrument vendors is fully supported, so that data can be uniformly processed, and sophisticated multi-vendor, multi-technique reports can be created at one click.

Spend less time preparing data for publication

With pre-formatted and customizable templates, reports that used to take hours or days of collation can be instantly created in ready-to-publish formats. Save directly to Microsoft Word, Excel, or Adobe PDF files.

A powerful teaching tool

Industrial research laboratories are increasingly moving towards fully electronic record-keeping from experimental inception through final reports. By using ACD/Labs' electronic notebook in teaching and academic research laboratories, students gain early exposure to this workflow, helping them prepare for post-graduate employment.