Impurity Resolution Management (IRM)

Identify and characterize pharmaceutical impurities in less time with greater certainty

Process Chemist
IRM helps you optimize the synthetic route—from laboratory scale to manufacturing scale—in order to maximize yield and minimize the presence of impurities in the drug substance.
Method Development Specialist
IRM helps you select the best analytical method (or series of analytical methods) for the identification and isolation of the drug substance and related impurities.
Analytical Chemist
IRM helps you identify and characterize impurities throughout the development and acceptance cycle of the drug substance.
IRM enables scientists to visualize 'live' data in all the views required to enable effective multi-discipline cross-functional scientific collaboration.
IRM enables quick and effective search and retrieval by structure or metadata, easy reformatting of graphs, structures and tables, and automated creation of standard reports—including NDAs.