Facilitating Knowledge Management and Collaboration in Metabolite Research

Reports that used to take weeks to compile are now assembled at the click of a button.

ACD/Labs provides a commercial off-the-shelf experiment and reaction based knowledgebase for metabolite identification research. We offer many unique capabilities in this area that have led to deployments of our solution in both discovery and development DMPK groups in large pharmaceutical companies.

While paper is not the ideal medium for collaboration, scientists working in DMPK research, and specifically drug metabolism, have been forced to use it as a way to communicate biotransformation data. Conventional electronic lab notebooks (ELNs) lack much of the necessary functionality to be a legitimate alternative.

Our solution allows you to not only create interactive biotransformation maps electronically with great ease, but also to attach all relevant data directly to individual metabolites. The result is a comprehensive knowledgebase that can be shared within your organization, and searched in an intuitive manner to help accelerate decision-making.