Luminata: Software for the efficient and comprehensive management of impurity data

Luminata—Software for the efficient and comprehensive management of impurity data

Establish effective process and analytical impurity control strategies based on live spectral data and route knowledge, in a purpose-built environment

List of Features

Databasing & Knowledge Management

  • Define a process scheme in Chemsketch and associate with a specific project and process scheme version.
  • Automatically create/ add to a reference database of compounds when adding identified components to a process scheme.
  • Easy add entries to the process scheme using existing compounds in the reference database through look up functionality.
  • Visualise key compound related data in the context of the process
  • Automatically categorise entries in the process scheme as Starting Materials, Intermediates, API, Impurities, Degradants, Solvents or Reagents.
  • Use analytical data to drive generation of entries in the process scheme- when adding a chromatogram, identified peaks (named or with associated structures) are automatically added. Area % values for all detectors are also captured, limiting transcription errors.
  • Have access to all process schemes where a specific compound appears- automatic back links from compound reference database to all process scheme versions are created when adding entries to a process scheme.
  • Visualise and capture impurity fate and sources for setting a control strategy
  • Automatically create a summary table of all compounds present in scheme with area% values across stages for a single process
  • View summary ranges of levels captured for specific components by stage
  • Filter by compound class and stage for summary reports of components related to a specific material.
  • Save complex search queries for applying the same search in other databases
  • Store your Search History, and set Search History files as Macro buttons on the toolbar
  • The audit trail (Search History) for complex searches keeps information about performed searches and is used to perform
  • Molecular structure (exact/substructure/similar)
  • Markush structure using query atoms and bonds
  • Peaks, spectra, or other spectral/chromatographic elements
  • Text or numerical values
  • Formula weight or range
  • Spectral searching capabilities (peak/exact/similar)


Data Review

  • Dashboard view of process map and related spectra- with access to reference data for comparison
  • Push spectral and project data from Spectrus DB to the processing window for manual editing


  • Live reports can be created within the database
  • Create Microsoft Word documents
  • Export to Adobe PDF
  • Create report as *.sk2 files
  • Create custom data layouts

Enterprise Features

  • Based on a 3-tiered architecture consisting of Client, Application server, and Database server levels.
  • Support for Oracle and Postgre SQL
  • ACD/Labs Professional Services team are available to configure the system for your IT environment.
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