MetaSense: The software platform for efficient, comprehensive metabolite identification

Version 2017.1

Data Import/Export

We continue to improve and support all major instrument vendor data formats. This version includes enhancements to the following:

  • Improved support for MSE/All Ions Fragmentation acquisition
  • Shimadzu LC-IT-TOF; Waters MassLynx MSE, Empower (and UNIFI); Samsung GC-MS data; Bruker Compass; Thermo Xcalibur; SCIEX Analyst and Triple TOF; JEOL K9; and netCDF

Data Analysis

  • Improved, easier to use dashboard layout in Spectrus DB Click to expand
  • Deconvolution of a representative LC/MS mixture using IntelliXtract 2.0
    Click to expand

    Deconvolution of a representative LC/MS mixture using IntelliXtract 2.0
  • New and improved IntelliXtract 2.0 algorithm, for deconvolution of co-eluting peaks and noisy baselines for LC/GC/MS datasets
    • Streamlined IX 2.0—deconvolution parameter options, for easier use Click to expand
    • Simultaneous analysis for both, predicted and unexpected metabolites
  • Improved support for additional detectors and radio-labelling Click to expand
  • Increased coverage (doubled the number of reaction mechanisms) and improvement of metabolite prediction algorithms
    • Phase 1 and Phase 2 metabolic reactions, Degradation pathways for GSH conjugation, Glucuronidation reactions (Primary, Secondary, Carbamoyl), Glucosidation, Carnitine conjugation Click to expand
  • Can use ACD/Percepta predictions, or import lists from Lhasa Meteor Nexus and Mass MetaSite (via SDfile) Click to expand


  • Enhanced reporting module with new options to insert kinetic plots and report global biotransformation maps Click to expand
  • Improved Report GenerationClick to expand

Additional Features

  • Use of manually annotated MS2 spectrum of parent structures when they are not present in current dataset (i.e., in vivo studies)
  • Generate global biotransformation maps (across all time points of a metabolic process) Click to expand
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