Decision-Support for Preformulation Studies

Optimize preclinical formulation development—identify salt forms and polymorphs faster

Characterization of the physicochemical and solid state properties of a drug substance is the foundation of developing robust formulations. The pressure to meet regulatory timelines, however, can hamper these efforts. ACD/Labs' solution for preformulation enables scientists to realize time savings in reporting and decision-making by unifying disparate data and providing tools for data analysis and knowledge sharing.

Unify Heterogeneous Data for Greater Efficiency

Bring together all your spectra, chromatograms, images, meta data, structures, crystallization conditions and more, from high throughput instruments, thermal analyses, Raman, IR, XRPD, and other experimental information, into a single environment.

Import—manually or automatically import multi-technique analytical data into the Spectrus Platform.

Visualize—view multiple datasets in single customizable interface.

Easily Share Information

The creation of a preformulation knowledgebase drives clearer communication and easier collaboration between scientists.

  • 'Live' spectra and chromatograms may be reviewed and re-analyzed instantly to aid future studies.
  • The analyst's notes, relevant structures, and experimental details captured with analytical data provide context for the re-use of information.
  • Conveniently search the data by structure, substructure, meta data, spectrum and other fields.

Make Decisions with Confidence

ACD/Lab's' decision-support dashboard delivers all the data required to analyze different experiments in one interface and provides visualization and data manipulation tools to aid analysis and decision-making.

Apply ACD/Labs' advanced algorithms to cluster spectra for identification of salt and polymorph forms, then use spectral overlays, graphs, and tables to visualize, analyze, and review the data clusters.

  • Compare results within a cluster
  • Compare clustering results from different spectral types or algorithms
  • Mark reviewed spectra for an efficient workflow
  • Move spectra between clusters, merge existing groups, or crate new clusters using information provided in the interface

Simplify Reporting

With all the relevant data in one environment reporting has never been easier. Use custom templates to populate spectra, notes and proof data into reports that can be created with a single button click.