Create Intelligence to Gain Insight

Download Whitepaper: Unified Laboratory Intelligence

ACD/Spectrus enables the storage of knowledge generated by scientists and advanced algorithmic tools as 'live' data—imperative for creating intelligence-from-information.

Enabling accumulated new and existing information and knowledge obtained through successive projects to be easily searched, quickly retrieved, and efficiently reapplied whenever needed. By contrast, the typical one-and-done chemical data life cycle uses data once and then effectively freezes it as 'dead' data in an unstructured format. Whereas, a many-from-one chemical 'live' cycle creates intelligence so that research scientists can gain insight throughout research and development to make better decisions, accelerate development, and reduce cost.

Applications on the Percepta platform offer insights through modeling and prediction enabling scientists in decision-making for new projects and future work. The capability to enhance and train models and algorithms with in-house experimental data helps extend knowledge into proprietary chemical space, making it applicable beyond a single experiment or decision. Information from applications on the Percepta platform included in the Spectrus platform can provide a more complete picture of organizational intelligence.

Integration of the with third-party tools allows these capabilities to be extended beyond ACD/Labs applications so that unified laboratory intelligence can help scientists gain insights, predict outcomes, and make better decisions. In turn, the organization benefits from accelerated R&D, and reduced cost.

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