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ACD/Labs Blog

Sanofi partnered with ACD/Labs to develop an automated lab tool combining LC/MS and 1H NMR to help organic chemists efficiently verify their structures. This tool collects, compiles, and evaluates the analytical data and the proposed structure once they are available, and sends the results to the chemist. The pilot project for this system is presented...

IT teams in the life sciences have always been at the forefront of employing modern technology. From ELNs, LIMS, SDMSs, and Cloud storage, to Data Lakes and more recently data science technologies for machine learning and AI. While each of these technologies have supported the innovation goals of R&D organizations, analytical data management has remained...

Hear how Spectrus, ACD/Labs’ comprehensive, multi-technique, instrument vendor-agnostic analytical data management platform can help improve your scientific data management strategy—see examples of single user, small group, and enterprise-wide deployments.

This guide to informatics and data integrity published by the European Pharmaceutical Review highlights ACD/Labs software solutions including our Spectrus and Percepta platforms, and new solutions Luminata and Katalysts D2D.

The Max-Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry have replaced their paper lab journals with the ACD/Spectrus Platform to access all of their data via an interface that they created and optimized in house.