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ACD/Labs Blog

Novartis employs a variety of ACD/Labs software in support of structure elucidation and structure verification in pharmaceutical development and post-commercialization. Here they present: Their workflow for structure identification and elucidation for impurities and degradants Time-savings from automated structure verification—a system supporting research chemists for several years The importance of integrated, centralized data management in impurity...

The Pfizer Structure Elucidation Group (SEG) spans two continents, supporting research and development in the UK and USA. In this presentation John talks about their structure elucidation workflow for assisted data processing and analysis, and centralized data management. John also presents some interesting case studies of puzzled they have solved.

Luminata—Cut your impurity data time investment from months into minutes

This article discusses how QbD requirements for risk assessment, process assessment, material assessment, documentation, and traceability can be addressed with informatics, using development of an impurity control strategy as an example.