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Presented at ACD/Labs Paris Symposium 2022 Learn how ACD/Labs software is used in R&D labs like yours to effectively digitize and manage analytical data, and increase efficiency. Discover solutions that bring real benefits to scientists in various industries: Pharmaceutical, Chemical, AgroSciences, and various activities: R&D, analysis laboratory, Data Scientists etc.

Reaching New Heights with High Throughput Experimentation High-throughput experimentation is back again. It’s actually been with us for decades, but companies are paying more attention to this powerful approach to chemistry. They’ve solved some old problems, gained a better understanding of how to design HTE studies, and realized the data-science potential unlocked by high throughput...

In this article Ruairi Mackenzie speaks with ACD/Labs’ Andrew Anderson about Anderson’s unique vantage point into how technology affects the analytical chemistry field. Read on for a discussion of how the day-to-day life of a chemist has been changed by technologies like AI and automation and how budding chemists can get their skillset up to...

This guide to informatics and data integrity published by the European Pharmaceutical Review highlights ACD/Labs software solutions including our Spectrus and Percepta platforms, and new solutions Luminata and Katalysts D2D.

Efficient design, planning, execution, and analysis of catalyst screening experiments can present a significant productivity challenge to process chemistry groups. Katalyst D2D provides scientists with a single application interface to effectively identify catalytic conditions for process routes of interest as efficiently as possible.