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2016—The Year in Review

December 22, 2016
by Daria Thorp, President

Holidays2016As the year comes to a close, and we start looking forward to spending time with family and friends over the holidays, I find myself reflecting on 2016.

We at ACD/Labs feel privileged to have the continued support of our customers who use our state of the art off-the-shelf products—many of which are deployed enterprise-wide around the globe. Because of their continued support, we are committed to continue providing new updates that match the changing workflows in R&D and meet the needs of scientists and their organizations. We strive to extend our understanding of evolving landscapes and implement forward-looking functionalities in our software with each new update and release. Our technical team continues to work with customers to configure solutions to address their particular needs. Equally important, our team of solution managers enjoy close collaborations with a wide breadth of organizations and leading scientists to bring valuable innovations to our technologies.

It has been an eventful year at ACD/Labs and I’d like to share some of the highlights with you.

We started the year with our colleagues in the Asia-Pacific region announcing an important milestone, having brought their 500th customer to our growing list of clients. As investments in R&D continue to grow in Asia and the surrounding region, we are pleased that more organizations are able to benefit from our strong portfolio of software technologies to support their research and innovation.

We are committed to our investment in Innovation and Laboratory Informatics which we have discussed with individual customers and at various meetings throughout the year, such as PITTCON and ASMS. Additionally, some of our collaborative informatics projects have been highlighted in the media. I am particularly proud of our work around data exchange and management, specifically open innovation and externalization, discussed extensively in a Scientific Computing World article series this year.

MetasenseFrom a product perspective, select groups of scientists in Europe and North America have been testing and reviewing our new software introduction—MetaSense. This new software solution is delivering efficient comprehensive metabolite identification allowing scientists to concentrate on the science instead of all the routine busy work (data collation, routine processing, etc.) that doesn’t make good use of their expertise.

At times, it seems that our world is revolving faster and faster, with the industry and economy speeding up through a colossal pace of change. Let me sincerely wish you and your loved ones this holiday season, and at the eve of the New Year, inner peace and stability, in this moment and in every moment of 2017.


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