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Last But Certainly, Not Least – Our Employees in Belarus, India, and Russia!

 By Sanji Bhal, Director of Marketing & Communications, ACD/Labs

Welcome to the third and final part of our employee spotlight blog series. As you saw from part one and part two, we have some experienced, ambitious, and passionate employees located all around the world. To conclude our popular series, we’re spotlighting employees in Belarus, India, and Russia by sharing some information about them and having them share some information about ACD/Labs. Take a look!


About Our Employees

In thinking about this blog post, I couldn’t help but wonder what some of our employees’ favorite things are. Spanning from authors to films and music, I am pleasantly surprised with the number of new recommendations I now have at the top of my list! Don’t just take my word for it –

“Right now, my favorite writer is Kurt Vonnegut. I also like to read Leonid Andreev and Fyodor Dostoevsky. One of the last books I enjoyed was ‘The Witcher’ by Andrzej Sapkowski. As for films, I like soviet films including Sherlock Holmes and The Very Same Munchhausen.” – Alexander Sakharov, works with ACD/Labs scripting functionality and MetaSense

“I can’t select only one! My favorite authors are Joanna Chmielewska, Andre Norton, Colleen McCullough, and Boris Chertok. My go-to TV series are NCIS and Big Bang Theory, and as for music, I mostly listen to Rock. In the 1990s I was actually a member of an international fan club for Queen!” – Elena Egorova, Senior Tester of MetID / MetaSense

“My favorite writers are Chuck Palahniuk and Frederic Beigbeder. I also like Robert Kiyosaki as his books made a big impression on me when I was a kid and influenced who I am today.” – Nikolay Zelenevskiy, Java Developer

“My favorite writer is Paulo Coelho, who wrote The Alchemist.” – Milesh Joseph, Application Scientist

“My favorite writer is J.R.R. Martin because he creates realistic stories and characters. My favorite movie is ‘Jagten’ because it shows how public opinion prevails over facts, but still gives a chance to prove everyone wrong.” – Mark Kruglov, Professional Services Testing Team Lead

When it comes to hobbies, Mark’s favorites are journalism and event management. Journalism gives him an outlet to enlighten people about trending facts and problems, and event management allows him to bring a smile to people’s faces.

Favorite places? Or shall I say teleports: Mark chose outside of Earth because he considers space the next frontier for humanity. As for Nikolay, he would choose the Arctic. Even though it’s a difficult place to travel to, he thinks seeing arctic ice would be incredibly interesting.


About ACD/Labs, From Our Employees

Before joining ACD/Labs, Nikolay became interested in a career in programming because of his interest in analyzing different things and dividing them for simple actions and components. Nikolay also served in the military, which he says has had the greatest impact on his character and taught him the importance of teamwork.

So far, Nikolay’s highlight from working at ACD/Labs has been the office holiday celebrations, particularly the Christmas party and Secret Santa event. Ironically, Mark helped to plan those, which he claims as one of his favorite memories. Mark’s other highlight has been the growth of the Minsk office and all the free space now available. Apparently he’s deciding whether to place a billiard table, swimming pool, or cardboard figure in the middle of the room. Sounds like I need to visit soon! We asked Elena for her highlight, and she enthusiastically reminisced about when the programmers constructed a rocket and went outside to launch it.

Looking to the future of our company, Nikolay thinks the intellectual growth of developers and accumulation of knowledge are the highest priorities for ACD/Labs as they will help create and modernize products capable of solving a wider range of tasks. Mark gets most excited about MetaSense and SpectrusDB as he thinks they’re helpful for not only chemists, but the entire chemistry industry. Alexander is excited about ACD/Labs moving to workflow oriented solutions.

Why should people care about chemistry? Elena strongly believes in the power of medicines and says that analytical chemistry in the pharmaceutical industry is necessary if we want to find ways to treat different types of cancers and diseases. She also stresses that we should care about analytical chemistry’s development as the industry continues to create advanced products with complex materials. Mark shared that chemistry keeps humanity moving, and Milesh stresses that chemistry allows scientists to confirm the quality of a solution. Nikolay thinks that science makes our lives better, and is happy ACD/Labs has a role in this.

As our #ACDLabs25 employee spotlight series comes to a close, we can’t help but stress how imperative our employees are to the success of our company. Each and every day our teams around the world collectively contribute to our culture and growth. We’re so excited for what’s ahead in 2020, and if you’re interested in joining us, consider looking at our current job opportunities on our careers page. Cheers!


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