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How do Medicinal and Synthetic Chemists Use NMR Software?- Part 2

March 16, 2009

This is the continuation of a series of posts that began here.

Have you ever worked in an environment where there was a walk-up NMR lab?

If yes, were you fortunate enough to have software in your office or lab where you could view, process, and print out your own plots at your convenience?

If no, then you can relate to having to walk down to the NMR lab to get your print-out only to realize that all you really need is a zoomed in plot from 6.4 ppm -7.3 ppm. Or the processing done off the instrument didn't do the integrals the way you like them.

But John the Chemist, is ahead of you in the queue at the only workstation that has NMR software that allows you to do this. So you have to wait around until he's done his analysis, and he just happens to be one of those chemists who loves to use all the bells and whistles in the software 🙂 Did I mention it was 6:30 PM on Friday?

Having software on the computer in your office or lab (or on your laptop) can result in a huge productivity boost. You may not think it, but I have had many NMR people in companies tell me that this where they get most of their ROI from a deployment of software.

The simple fact that chemists don't have to walk down to the lab for every spectrum, or wait in line to use the software, can save a lot of time and grief!



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