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Logic Puzzle #44: Oh Mighty INADEQUATE Experiment … Solution

August 21, 2013

13C-13C 1,1-INADEQUATE experiments offer a similar look to a 1H-1H COSY experiment. However, the INADEQUATE experiments do not have diagonal and off-diagonal peaks.

The 13C-13C 1,1-INADEQUATE spectrum below shows 10 carbon atoms labeled C1 to C10. The pink lines connect the adjacent C atoms. There are 3 endpoints to the pink lines at C8, C9 and C10. Therefore, there are 3 terminal carbons present.

The connections are:

1. -C1-C2-C7-C4-C5-C3-C1- forming a 6-membered ring system,

2. -C5-C8 leading to a terminal C8 carbon,

3. -C6-C9 leading to a terminal C9 carbon, and

4. -C6-C10 leading to a terminal C10 carbon.

Zoomed in Regions:


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