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Logic Puzzle #45: Assigning Correlations on an HMBC

September 20, 2013

An HMBC experiment can be a key part in solving for an unknown compound. In this puzzle, ‘extra’ correlations add an extra degree of difficulty to its interpretation.

For a pure, unknown compound, the 1H -13C HMBC spectrum below shows three correlations to the carbon at 42 ppm. Can you interpret how the correlations at 4.05, 3.50 and 3.46 ppm should be assigned to the 1H signals 3.75 and 3.50 ppm?

One Reply to “Logic Puzzle #45: Assigning Correlations on an HMBC”

  1. Hi Arvin,
    I was looking on google for an example of the difference between a triplet of doublet and a doublet of triplet and I found your fantastic blog !
    I’m currently a French student doing a one-year internship at GSK, I daily use ACD Software (SpecManager…). Thank you for your blog, I’ll start to work with, bc you’re perfectly right. The best way to learn spectroscopy is to try, do some exercises and find some real problems to solve.
    Thank you again for this blog,
    Kind regards


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