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t-Butyl group towers over other 1H resonances

July 7, 2008

Like a methoxy group, a t-Butyl group stands out over other 1H resonances. For organic compounds, the 1H resonance for a t-Butyl group generally towers over other 1H resonances because it integrates to ~9 protons (assuming the presence of 1 t-Butyl group and no overlap with other resonances). The basic 1H NMR pattern of the CH3 groups is a typical singlet, although not always the case, and ranging in chemical shift between 0.5 and 2.0 ppm. The 13C NMR spectrum shows the CH3 resonances between 20 and 42 ppm.


The 1H NMR spectra below illustrates the 3 patterns for a t-Butyl group to be on the lookout for.



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