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The 100th blog: a Milestone in Structure Elucidation

June 29, 2009

Structure elucidation is a skill learnt through years of practice. One of the best ways to learn is to learn by example. I feel that there is no better way to do this than mentoring through specific scenarios step-by-step. My intentions behind this blog are to offer a unique source for chemists who use a variety of tools such as NMR, MS, IR, etc. to determine the structural composition for an unknown.

Here are my top 10 picks for P2C2E that I feel have the most potential to impact a chemist who is learning to do elucidations of unknown compounds.

10. Molecular ion or adduct? – Identification of Adduct Ions

9. Missing a peak? – Hampering Data Interpretation

8. Exercise, exercise – The Coupling Exercise

7. NMR, MS, oh my! – Using complementary elucidation tools to solve for an unknown structure

6. Strong coupling? What’s that? – Interpreting strong coupling information from a 1H NMR spectrum

5. Problem Solver – Gearing up the Right Thought Process for Solving Problems

4. I can’t solve this – Stuck on a Structure Elucidation problem? You need Out of the Box thinking, right?

3.  1 + 1 = 1 – Assembling a set of Fragments to Complete a Candidate Structure

2. I need more data? – Why collect NMR or MS^n data?

1. A 1H NMR is not enough? – Is it possible to elucidate an unknown with just a 1H NMR spectrum?


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