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Using 1H NMR couplings to infer structural information

March 10, 2008

1H-1H couplings arise from influences on a proton’s magnetic field induced by the magnetic field of a neighbouring proton(s). As a proton experiences coupling from a neighbouring proton, so too is the coupling reciprocated to the neighbouring proton(s). By measuring the J-coupling for each splitting pattern, the proton connectivity information can be deduced.

By comparing the J-coupling for each splitting pattern in the 1H NMR below, roughly +/- 0.2 Hz, one can determine which multiplets pair up. Based on the pairing information, we can deduce that the proton is within proximity of its pair.

Coupled protons are:

Multiplets A and C = green line

Multiplets B and C = orange line

Multiplets D and C = purple line.

Multiplets E and C = red line.

Multiplets D and E = black line.


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