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At ACD/Labs, we are celebrating the 20th birthday of ACD/Structure Elucidator, our most powerful computer assisted structure elucidation (CASE) product. Much like a calculator, CASE is a tool for speeding up spectral analysis and verifying the results of de-Novo Structure Elucidation. CASE has made an amazing impact on our ability to elucidate compounds quickly and accurately by NMR, and has helped spectroscopists solve some of the most challenging elucidations. To better understand how CASE will influence research and development in the coming years, let’s look back on how it has evolved these past 20 years with respect to advancements in modern technology.

There are many ways to teach the process of elucidating unknown structures. Offering a student a visual guide, such as seeing firsthand a spectral dataset, can enhance the learning process and better equip the student on future work. Presented below is a typical elucidation question from a university test. The numerical values have been extracted...