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Application Scientist at ACD/Labs

Application Scientist (Canada)

Toronto and GTA (Ontario, Canada)
Full-Time, Permanent


The ACD/Labs Technical and Scientific Services (TSS) Team is seeking a proactive individual who enjoys and excels at problem solving and demonstrates good interpersonal skills, is capable of learning on the job, is self-motivated, can work independently or as part of a team, and is detail oriented.

A suitable applicant would need to be capable to understand and document our customer's scientific workflows and clearly communicate both internally and externally how ACD/Labs software and customization/configuration can address their business needs. Additional responsibilities will include the capability to provide technical assistance, software training, and writing and executing test scripts.


Education: An advanced degree in Chemistry (or a related science), preferably with a minimum of 18 months industrial experience. Training in Informatics Technology (IT) and Business Analysis is an asset.

Other Skills: An ideal candidate is familiar with modern analytical techniques including NMR, MS, UV, IR, Raman, chromatography, GC/MS and LC/MS. Prior knowledge of ACD/Labs software solutions or other informatics platforms like ELN and LIMS is desirable. The candidate should be very comfortable with software. This includes various operating systems, database management systems (Oracle, PostgreSQL) and programming languages (Java, Pascal, and Visual Basic).

Language: Strong composition, grammar, and presentation skills in English.

Travel is mandatory and may constitute approximately 30% of your work hours.

Working at ACD/Labs

Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc., (ACD/Labs) is a global chemistry software company developing desktop and enterprise solutions to effectively utilise the wealth of scientific knowledge generated among the many branches of chemical, biochemical, and pharmaceutical R&D. Using deep understanding of chemical disciplines, advanced mathematical algorithms, and computer science, ACD/Labs solutions help guide on-going research, aid decision-making, and speed the development of new chemical entities for the marketplace.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive and innovative industry-standard software solutions to our clients to help accelerate research and strengthen their competitive position. Our expertise lies in vendor-neutral spectroscopic data processing and prediction, property prediction, analytical knowledge management, and interactive reporting of scientific data. These software solutions integrate analytical data with chemical structures, and physicochemical and ADMET property prediction to help organizations protect and leverage valuable research knowledge.

Our clients and partners include pharmaceutical companies, chemical companies, academic institutions, and government organizations spanning the globe. We are recognized as the industry standard in NMR spectrum, physicochemical and ADMET property predictions, and a market leader in analytical vendor-neutral databasing, processing, and analysis for MS and NMR. Our chemical drawing and nomenclature products continue to gain prominence in the industry. We have recently embarked on a transition from our legacy products to enterprise applications for impurities management and reaction based screening and analytical informatics.

ACD/Labs is an equal opportunity employer.