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Professional Services Support Specialist

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Provide support to ACD/Labs team members and customers in and around North America by supporting Licensing, Installation, and Deployment of ACD/Labs software and database solutions.

Installation Resource Requirements

Soft Skills

  • Ability to learn new skills quickly
  • Capability to work independently
  • Problem solving, tenacious but able to recognize when to reach out when help is needed
  • Ability to multitask and prioritize
  • Work under pressure/stress and to deadlines
  • Take responsibility and a cautious approach

Regular Activities

  • Installing and configuration of software (desktop/web)
    • Remote
    • On premise
  • Troubleshooting issues
  • Preparation of technical documentation
  • Research activities (docker, Citrix, AWS)
  • Interaction with customers/developers/testers/managers/application scientists


  • English (spoken/written)
  • Customer facing experience
  • Experience of preparing technical documentation; Installation, IQ/OQ
  • Explain complex ideas clearly
  • Interaction across multiple levels and disciplines
    • Customers/developers/testers/managers/application scientists/management

Windows System Administration

  • Understanding of domain administration
  • Features and Roles
  • Directory Services
  • Networking
  • Security protocols: certificates, SSL, TLS

Linux System Administration

  • Experience of working with flavors of Linux
  • Familiarity working with Terminal
  • Understanding/Experience with Docker

Databases (sql/nosql)

  • Mongo, Postgres, Oracle
  • BaBasic SQL queries, interpretation of
  • Understanding of database concepts
    • Database connectivity
    • Structure
    • Architecture

Familiar with any Programming/Scripting Language

  • Power shell, bash
  • Read and edit, not necessarily creation


  • Is a plus in terms of understanding the projects specificities
  • Knowledge of chemical structures, analytical data – data types


  • Understanding and experience of working with cloud, RDS databases, VMs
  • Ready to work with such technologies like Docker, Citrix, AWS, Azure

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