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ACD/Labs Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary

ACD/Labs Celebrates its 25th Anniversary

As ACD/Labs celebrates its 25th anniversary, we want our customers that have supported our growth and trusted us for years, to know that we remain a reliable innovation partner. We continue to invest in the wide variety of software solutions that you have implemented in your laboratories, across the globe.

We are proud to have accomplished a number of significant advancements in scientific software:

  • First software for digital molecular characterization, intuitively associating chemistry structure objects with analytical results—from NMR prediction and structure verification to multi-technique knowledge, and pharmaceutical batch management
  • Software-enabled IUPAC name generation from chemical structure
  • Industry-leading, accurate molecular property prediction for pKa, logD, and more (including ADME properties and toxicity endpoints)
  • Multi-technique, live analytical data handling and knowledge management—centrally archive, search, retrieve, view, and reprocess any analytical data file from major instrument vendors

We have been developing and applying machine learning (ML) algorithms for the last 20 years, and are now leveraging our experience in artificial intelligence (AI) and ML in new and meaningful ways. We continue to strive for innovation in any, and all of our new work.

At the same time, the world is changing and we recognize this change as an exciting opportunity. Our anniversary is coinciding with the release of our new technologies, and it is very fitting. Katalyst D2D, Percepta Portal, and (coming summer 2019) Luminata Web—along with our annual enhancements to all ACD/Labs software modules—are just some of the manifestations of how we adjust our company direction in response to this ever-changing world. New products, improved products, and new foundational technology enhancements are based on our customers' evolving needs.

As many of our customers progress on their own digital transformation journeys, we expect that the volume and frequency of experiments performed by scientists will continue to grow. We will be sharing some exciting new developments in storing, managing, and accessing these larger volumes of data, as well as provisioning our applications to users across the globe.

As CEO, my challenge to our internal teams is as follows: if video streaming services can seamlessly reach 200M subscribers every day, how can we help our customers deliver their live, analytical datasets to all their (internal and external) stakeholders, every day with an equally delightful user experience? I'm pleased to report that a future where global, on-demand access to analytical data is a reality, is actually closer than you may think. In the coming months, we'll be announcing some exciting new functionality for our Spectrus Platform, towards that future.

Wishing our customers and partners happy 25th anniversary—a celebration of continuity and reinvention in software, and our collaborations!

ACD/Labs President and CEO, Daria Thorp

On behalf of all of us at ACD/Labs,
Daria Thorp
President and CEO

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ACD/Labs Staff celebrating our 25th Anniversary
ACD/Labs staff gather to celebrate our 25th anniversary in Malaga, Spain

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