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How science educators can use software in remote and hybrid classrooms

Published online at eCampus News.

by Charis Lam

Learning outside the physical science lab is challenging with classes moving online, but science educators can look to certain software to enhance students' learning experience. Read more about how Widener University utilized ACD/Method Selection Suite to help students run virtual experiments.

Educators in science and engineering have traditionally relied on in-person experiments for teaching. Laboratory experiments introduce students to the real-life work of scientists and engineers, teach them concepts through trial and error, and show them how the theories they learn in class translate into real-world phenomena: chemical reactions, biological processes, physical actions, and reactions. Understandably, this reliance on hands-on practice raises particular challenges in the new world of expanded online learning.

Faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, universities are adopting fully remote or hybrid online/in-person course structures this academic year. These drastic changes follow from campus closures that started in the spring, and it is still unclear how long they will last, or whether in-person classes will return to the same extent as before. Thus, science educators should look for tools to support students' learning in these new environments, which may well extend beyond one semester.

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