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Using software to improve data management and output in pharma development

Published online at European Pharmaceutical Review.

by Hannah Balfour

In this article Jordan Stobaugh from AbbVie talks about their reasons for rolling out Luminata and their continued work to improve their efficiency in process development with the help of informatics tools.

...Luminata, ACD/Labs' CMC information management system, which allows scientists and engineers to manage and interrogate all of their analytical and process data together in one interface, and was implemented as one part of AbbVie's digital transformation journey in the pharmaceutical development space. Stobaugh said it allows his team to effectively compare data and images by overlaying them, enabling them to interrogate the information more accurately than a typical side-by-side comparison on another platform would allow.

"With a side-by-side comparison, you lose a lot of context, but if you can overlay and then zoom in and zoom out, that provides you immense insight into the data and there are many little details that you can pull out, which enable you to plan your next steps accordingly," explained Stobaugh.

Balfour, H. (2021). Using software to improve data management and output in pharma development. European Pharmaceutical Review, 26(3).