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High-Throughput Analytical Approach Combining Automated Sample Preparation and Gas Chromatography with Universal Carbon Response

Published online at Journal of Chromatography A, 2019.

ACD/GC Simulator (a component of ACD/Method Selection Suite) was used for GC method development and separation modeling. Specifically GC Simulator was employed to build a linear retention model for the varied experimental analytes, providing a "…significant advantage for accelerating the method development process."

Specifying effective analytical techniques and methods can be very challenging when a large number of sample streams need to be analyzed with high frequency. Combining those requirements with the need to monitor multiple components over a wide range of concentrations makes at-line analytical approaches preferred by many analytical scientists. Traditionally, at-line analytical support requires sample preparation and operator time. Recently developed technologies enabled automated sample preparation tools coupled with gas chromatography; thus, eliminating sample preparation steps and increasing productivity. Recently a commercial micro-reactor was introduced that can be combined with a flame ionization detector, providing the ability to quantify components without the need to perform a standard calibration, which saves significant time and materials. In this manuscript, we describe a unique analytical capability that combines automated sample preparation and gas chromatography with flame ionization detection and universal carbon response to provide high flexibility and accuracy when there is minimal information about the unknowns or reference materials are not available. Some of the challenges and performance monitoring techniques for this technology are also discussed in this manuscript.