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Implementation of Interactive Learning Media on Chemical Materials

Published online at Journal Educational Verkenning.

by Patson Mweene and Gideon Muzaza

This article highlights the use of ACD/ChemSketch to assist in teaching chemistry concepts to high school, undergraduate, and graduate chemistry students.

This paper aims to identify the implementations of interactive learning media on chemical materials based onf android, web and software to improve the learning media in the class. Learning media is one of the learning components that has an important role in Teaching and Learning Activities. The use of media should be a part that must get the attention of the teacher/facilitator in every learning activity. Therefore, the teacher/facilitator needs to learn how to determine learning media in order to make theachievement of learning objectives effective in the teaching and learning process.

Read the full article online at Journal Educational Verkenning

Mweene, P., & Muzaza, G. (2020). Implementation of Interactive Learning Media on Chemical Materials. Journal Educational Verkenning, 1(1):8–13.