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Standardising Access to Data

Published online at Laboratory Informatics
by Sophia Ktori

Sophia Ktori speaks with ACD/Labs' Andrew Anderson about helping lab users increase productivity through data standards and characterizing the interpretation of data.

ACD/Labs develops and commercialises software solutions for scientists working with small molecules in chemical, biochemical, and pharmaceutical R&D. The firm has specialist expertise in the development of software that allows organisations to digitally assemble analytical, structural, and molecular information for what it describes as 'effective decision-making, problem-solving, and product life cycle control.'

Andrew Anderson, VP business development at ACD/Labs, says the way that analytical data can be accessed and utilised still represents a major challenge at every stage of a product life cycle, and this can impact how that data is used to inform decision making. The ultimate aim of any digitisation initiative in the pharma or biotech arena is to develop better, safer and more effective drugs faster, with less attrition, and lower overall costs. 'At the most fundamental level you can increase the velocity of your product life cycle, and you are doing this partly by reducing your individual unit operations within that process flow of making decisions, and facilitating regulatory aproval by reducing the complexity and costs associated with preparing responses and accessing relevent information.'

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