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Analytica 2018 Companion

Published by LCGC Europe, 31 (s3), March 2018.

LCGC Europe published the Analytica 2018 Companion: A Guide for Chromatographers, which includes ACD/Labs' Andrew Anderson's participation on the Data Handling discussion.


LCGC: What obstacles do you think stand in the way of chromatographers adopting new data solutions?

Andrew Anderson: Across a variety of industries, chromatographic methods serve a fundamental purpose for ensuring product quality. With this purpose in mind, we must recognize that overall quality assurance and regulatory compliance comes with a significant documentation and validation effort. While new technological advances will create productivity and innovation opportunities, we must be mindful to also provide documentation and validation capabilities to ensure efficient implementation. The main obstacle to the adoption of these new data solutions that will reduce data transcription and reporting efforts for separation scientists, while providing the scientific tools essential to method development, will likely be ease of integration into the current informatics environment. A typical separations laboratory includes a variety of instruments from different vendors with disparate software on top of all the other informatics systems that support R&D. Integration of these systems for a seamless workflow will be a challenge many organizations need to overcome.

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