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Data explosion leads to opportunities, obstacles

Published online at Outsourcing Pharma.

by Jenni Spinner

A representative from the small-molecule solutions company explains how the ever-increasing mountain of life-sciences data has impacted drug development.

OSP: What advise would you give to drug development professionals looking to optimize their data practices in the year ahead, and to be prepared for what the future holds?

AA: I would advise... [them] to establish a digital strategy for analytical and quality control laboratories where they are approaching or attempting to approach a fully digital decision support environment. From what we have learned in 2020 from the global COVID-19 pandemic, where we have had a race to get therapeutics and vaccines approved as quickly as possible, I think those in the pharmaceutical industry should establish a vision for how fast a clinical development paradigm can be. virtue of going digital leading to increased statistically significant insights and greater data integrity, organizations can make more informed decisions more efficiently—and with more confidence. Where the themes of 2020 align is in innovation for overall societal benefits.1

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1. Spinner, J (2020, Dec. 16th). Data explosion leads to opportunities, obstacles: ACD/Labs.