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Tech Can Overcome Supply Chain Challenges

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by Jenni Spinner

Joe DiMartino (Luminata Solution Manager at ACD/Labs) discusses the most challenging obstacles in the pharma supply chain, and solutions that can conquer them.

Drug substance supply chain timelines are shrinking and are being intensified by the race to get through the clinical trial process so COVID-19 treatments can be given to patients. Due to this, pharmaceutical companies are looking at their digital transformation strategy as related to supply chain efficiency and how the current pressures and demands on the industry can be addressed.

The current ecosystem behind delivering effective drug products to patients includes the exchange of important information via documents between multiple parties. Such as, suppliers and CMOs, health authorities, healthcare market intermediaries, hospital systems, insurance providers, to name a few.

Instead, organizations can reduce the reliance on human review of data contained within documents by "streaming" data from relevant sources to a digital solution used by stakeholders in an automated and secure manner. For this reason, Luminata is designed to help organizations accelerate drug process and product development through data-driven decision support and aid in regulatory filing efforts.

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