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Using data to create a quality-first approach to Industry 4.0

Published online at Pharma Manufacturing.

by Andrew Anderson

Andrew Anderson (Vice President of Innovation and Informatics Strategy, ACD/Labs) discusses how data can help keep quality at the core of your processes.

Industry 4.0 within the pharmaceutical industry is all about connecting machines and systems with advanced technologies to digitally transform how experiments are completed, and ultimately how value is created.

The key word to emphasize here is "quality." First and foremost, organizations must prioritize how the quality of data, experiments and other insights will be achieved within these new parameters. This can be done by investing time and effort in technologies, such as automation and digitalization tools, that support the operation's end result. For organizations looking to embrace the realities of Industry 4.0, here are some key considerations for keeping quality at the core of the process, through automation, digitalization and analysis.

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