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Data and the Supply Chain

Published online at Pharmaceutical Technology.

by Susan Haigney

Joe DiMartino (Luminata Solution Manager at ACD/Labs) spoke with Pharmaceutical Technology about the impact COVID-19 is having on the pharmaceutical supply chain and how companies can prepare for these challenges.

Pharmaceutical Technology: The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted potential gaps in the pharmaceutical supply chain. What changes must the pharma industry make in the short-term—and in the long-term—to ensure the quality of APIs, excipients, and final drug products?

Joe DiMartino: Many stakeholders are traditionally challenged with accelerating clinical testing and commercialization timelines. This is especially pertinent today, when considering the aspirational goal of reducing the clinical trial and regulatory submission/approval timelines to support the COVID-19 infected patient's needs.

Modern informatics technologies are needed to reduce both the reliance on document-driven decision making and human effort-dependent decision/approval points.

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