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Product Focus: The data fix

Innovative digital tools to enhance manufacturing performance

Published online at Pharma Manufacturing
by Meagan Parrish, Senior Editor

In the complex world of pharma, making data-driven manufacturing decisions can be a key competitive advantage in all phases of production — from drug development to shipping final products.1 In this article about digital tools that help organizations make data-driven manufacturing decisions, Meagan Parrish speaks to ACD/Labs Joe DiMartino about how Luminata helps organizations from early development through manufacturing.

In drug manufacturing, supply chains for every product can be scattered between several suppliers or contract organizations. According to Joe DiMartino, Luminata solution manager at ACD/Labs, which specializes in software for R&D, this has prompted many companies to seek tools "designed specifically with manufacturing workflows in mind, to ease collaboration through robust and facile sharing of chemical and analytical information."

To meet this need, ACD/Labs created Luminata, a software application that helps organizations effectively connect and manage the analytical and chemical data used for CMC and risk-mitigating data-driven decisions, from early development through to manufacturing. Luminata supports route and product development, impurity control, drug product and substance stability testing, formulation development, and provides tools to track batch genealogy for substances that may be manufactured by multiple suppliers. The software has been adopted by pharmaceutical organizations that are widely deploying it to hundreds of users with reported time savings of 30-60 percent per full-time equivalent employee (FTE).

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1 Parrish, M. (2020, Feb. 17). Product Focus: The data fix. Pharma Manufacturing.