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RTI International Uses ACD/Web Librarian to Develop ForensicDB; Share Databases

RTI International

"Using the security structure provided by ACD/Web Librarian software, access to ... databases [to locate and store records during different phases of the review process before adding data to the public database] was enabled for reviewers only while they remain hidden from public view and inaccessible to general account holders. This allows reviewers and others to use the ACD/Web Librarian interface and directly access the necessary data without requiring RTI to manage multiple desktop software licensees. Such access reduced the costs associated with software procurement and simplified the management of the system."

Source: Expansion of a Cheminformatic Database of Spectral Data for Forensic Chemists and Toxicologists
Authors: Peter Stout, Katherine Moore, Megan Grabenauer, Jeri Ropero-Miller (RTI International)