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Data Standards

Published online at Scientific Computing.

Author: Sophia Ktori

Andrew Anderson is interviewed in this Scientific Computing World article about how organizations are looking to data standards to increase the value of data in the laboratory.

"'While many attempts have been made to standardise analytical data over the years, no single accepted standard has been universally adopted by instrumentation vendors or their customers', Anderson continued. There have been notable analytical data standardisation efforts, and since 1998 these have included the Galactic *.SPC format; *.CDF from Unidatata NetCDF; IUPAC *.JCAMP-DX; *.mzXML; and *.esp and *.spectrus from ACD/Labs. More recent emerging standards include *.AnIML and *.ADF from Allotrope Foundation. '[Spectrus is] the only commercially available standard that allows for homogenization of all major analytical techniques from the broadest number of instrument vendor formats,' states Anderson."
Scientific Computing: Data Standards to increase the value of data in the laboratory