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Laboratory Informatics Guide 2019 in Scientific Computing World

Scientific Computing World: Laboratory Informatics Guide 2019

Written by Robert Roe

Published online at Scientific Computing World, January 2019.

Andrew Anderson speaks with Robert Roe for two featured articles in the Laboratory Informative Guide 2019.

Data-driven drug development

Robert Roe looks at regulatory and technological changes that are changing the way drug development is carried out.

One thing that Anderson says could be very useful in overcoming the challenges in maintaining control of data in the face of an increasingly outsourced business model, is data exchange. ‘Data access points can be limited, just based on the nature of the data that is being acquired, the effort to summarise that data, the ability to take those summaries and interpret the data to make effective decisions.’

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A look to the future

Robert Roe speaks with laboratory informatics software providers about the future of their software and the introduction of new technologies, such as AI and deep learning.

‘The driving factors for change in laboratory workflows and software are the transition from document-driven knowledge management to a data-driven paradigm. The ability for any data source (from design to planning, to execution, to analysis, to decision/conclusions). Another key change is the introduction of ‘virtual collaboration’ the ability for scientists to effectively communicate/collaborate with colleagues in other parts of the world.

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