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Informatics Bites Back

Informatics Bites Back

From safety and nutrition to contamination and complaints, the food and beverage industry deals with it all.

Author: Rebecca Poole, speaking with Graham McGibbon, Manager, Scientific Solutions & Partnerships (ACD/Labs)

Published online at Scientific Computing World, December 2014/January 2015.

Graham McGibbon discusses the inherent concerns of safety in the food and beverage industry, and how ACD/Labs software is used to overcome safety concerns.

"Safety issues can arise from many sources such as packaging, raw materials, contaminants or unexpected degradation," says McGibbon. "Also problems don't just come from new chemicals, it could also be familiar chemicals under certain circumstances."

"Safety has to be one of the most important criteria for lab managers, and [the ACD/Percepta Platform] allows predictions of safety, in terms of possible toxicities, solubilities and physical properties of chemicals," he adds.